donna stropes resides in northern california

My husband and I moved to Willits  in 2001, we were looking for property with some out buildings so i could have a place to paint, like a "studio". I always have painted in the kitchen, in the living room, on a porch, in a bedroom so this was pretty exciting for me. Along came this property, it seemed ideal for us, lots of rose bushes, a greenhouse and a kitchen garden, to grow all my vegetables i like to paint how perfect i thought and a newer barn with skylights! Once the barn was painted all white inside and we put in a couple of 5 dollar windows and some old french doors from , they filled in the big opening which has the sliding barn door, to my disappointment we could not remove the stalls, they are too big and heavy, so they had to stay i just painted them white also. Now i was ready to start my paintings, i took to the local landscape very fast, before i knew it I was painting mountains, sunsets and sunrises, sheep and cows, on full sheets of paper, I have lots of room to pour my paints, and store all that "art stuff" with wonderful natural light. It gets cold in the winter and hot in the summer but it all seems to be working okay and i am very happy with my new paintings. Hope you enjoy my new work.