watercolor paintings by
donna  stropes




Why do I paint?


First of all it, is an extraordinary gift and a satisfying meditative process. I'm able to let go of the drudgeries of daily life and be there, wherever it is that I'm painting. I am equally comfortable with a still life set up in front of me, or outdoors in the elements painting my little plein air studies. Light and shade, how to capture the essence of a place on paper, or canvas, all appeal to me.

The transitional period of dawn, dusk, and gray winter days are the quality of light which most interest me. I'm fascinated with transient light and atmospheric conditions that produce the fog and haze characteristic of Northern California.  I want the viewer to feel the emotional essence of everyday things, which most people take for granted. 

I am mostly a watercolor painter. For years I was content with my still    and floral paintings, but wanted to paint landscapes. Initially, I felt so intimated by the overall view, I would always try to put every detail in them. After many failures, I learned to edit the scene whether it was from a photo or plein air, with the use of shapes and simplifying the scene. Now for the large landscape paintings done in my barn/studio, I use the method of pouring diluted paint on 300 paper. This allows me to achieve the luminous diffused quality of that transient light I am seeking. 

Although I work primarily in watercolor, I have recently been experimenting in other mediums, watercolor on canvas, casein and oils. My love of landscape stems from my Ohio childhood, then travels throughout our country. I hope to convey a reminder that there is beauty in the ordinary. Visit my website to see my artwork.  www.donnastrobes.com

"Beware of Artists - they mix with all classes of society and therefore most dangerous"     

             Quote from Queen Victoria